Are you living in a residential park? Are you looking for something to do in your retirement? We would like to hear from you.

The MHOA Management Committee would welcome and assist anyone who would like to ‘give something back’ to the Manufactured Home Owner Community.

If you can see yourself assisting Manufactured Home Owners throughout Queensland as part of our friendly Management Team, we really would like to hear from you.

You can write or email our Secretary, Anne, at either 
PO Box 932 Booval Fair 4304 or at



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1st April 2018.

So pay early and only send $15.00 for a full year of support.



For New Members joining before 1st April 2018, the joining fee will be waived, and an additional 25% discount will be applied.

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  • I am very grateful to MHOA. When I found my home to be un-sellable due to being positioned (before I purchased it) over the park boundary, MHOA assisted me in obtaining a Tribunal order requiring that the considerable cost of relocating the home correctly be paid entirely by the park owner. Without MHOA’s help I would have never have achieved this

Lorna (Sunshine Coast)


  • Thank you MHOA – You always amaze me - I could not have kept going without your support and guidance.

Barbara (Gympie)


  • The park owner went to the Tribunal to try to have my home removed from the park. As a result of MHOA’s strenuous efforts, this order was refused. I can now continue to live in my home.

Viv (Sunshine Coast)


  • Thank you MHOA, for your valuable time and efforts, and the patience and perseverance you have shown in assisting me over the past year.

 Frank (Gold Coast)


  • When I faced losing my home as a result of planned development of the park, MHOA fought for me to get the best possible outcome, and this helped me to be able to continue living on the coast in another village.

 Laureen (Sunshine Coast)


  • Because I live in a mixed use park, I have experienced more problems than people in residential villages. I have been grateful to MHOA because every time I have asked for help, I have received valuable and unstinting assistance within a very short time.

                                                                                                                                Sandy (Brisbane)