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Who We Are

MHOA is a non-profit,volunteer, state-wide organization developed to help prevent unfair treatment of manufactured home owners.


What We Do

MHOA is devoted to promote, advance, maintain and safeguard the combined and individual interests of manufactured home owners throughout Queensland.


Become a Member

It is more important than ever for manufactured home owners to band together to protect our interests, Become a member today.

Are you living in a residential park? Are you looking for something to do in your retirement? We would like to hear from you.

The MHOA Management Committee would welcome and assist anyone who would like to ‘give something back’ to the Manufactured Home Owner Community.

If you can see yourself assisting Manufactured Home Owners throughout Queensland as part of our friendly Management Team, we really would like to hear from you.

You can write or email our Secretary, Anne, at either 
PO Box 932 Booval Fair 4304 or at waybemi@gmail.com



While MHOA’s Annual Fee remains at $20.00 for current Members, a special  ‘Early Bird’ discount of 25% is being offered when renewal is made before

1st April 2018.

So pay early and only send $15.00 for a full year of support.



For New Members joining before 1st April 2018, the joining fee will be waived, and an additional 25% discount will be applied.

Join now for only $15.00

(New Members normally pay $20.00 + $5.00 Joining Fee)



Unlimited advice and/or assistance continues for Members:
If you are a MHOA Member you may obtain unlimited advice or assistance.

Please write, setting out your name and the name of your Residential Park, as well as details of the problem you wish to have addressed.
For swiftest response (usually within 48 hours) please email requests to: manufacturedhomesassociation@gmail.com

Alternatively, write to:
Consultant PO Box 932 Booval Fair 4304

Free advice is no longer available to non-members:
Because of the high volume of members seeking assistance or advice, MHOA’s unpaid, volunteer staff simply do not have the time available to assist non-members.
As always, MHOA suggests that an annual fee of $20.00 is very cheap insurance, and non-members are encouraged to consider the advantage of being a MHOA Member if and when a problem arises.

whats happening


MHOA Members are interested in what is happening in other parks or villages, so if you know of interesting things – unusual things – good things – bad things....or whatever things, and you would like to share this with other Manufactured Home Owners via the Website, send the details to:



Demise of the print MHOA Newsletter

For nearly 20 years MHOA has published a regular Newsletter. A combination of increased postage costs, lack of park reps willing to distribute Newsletters and the resignation of our last Editor, Carol Murchison (who did a fantastic job under very difficult circumstances for many years) has made the continuance of a printed Newsletter impossible.

While not all MHOA Members have access to the MHOA Website, enquiries indicate that most Members are able to access the Website either directly or via the computer or phone of a friend or relative. Due to circumstances, therefore,   MHOA will be limited to publishing items of interest or importance on the Website for the benefit of Members.  The Management Committee will also investigate over this year, the feasibility of re-instatement of a Newsletter that can be emailed to all Members who have provided a current Email address.

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